Lions Nursery School

Postal Address - P. O. Box 12109 - 20100, Nakuru.
Land Line Number - +254 51 2210266
Email ID - lionsnursery@gmail.com

The school was started in 1966 by Lions Club of Nakuru and is managed by dedicated Board of Directors.

It is a mixed day nursery school catering for 500 pupils from 2 years (play group) to 6 years (top class) with a population of 35 staff members.

Lions Nursery School offers British Curriculum and 844 systems of education.  Students learn in a happy peaceful harmonious and homely atmosphere.

The pupils are trained to be smart in all areas so as to fit in the 21st century comfortably to take on challenges, demonstrate initiative, develop original insight,deal with uncertainty and solve problems.

School Motto: Wisdom and Fun Come together

School Vision: To train a child in the best way he should go so that when he grows he / she does not depart from it.

School Mission: To have an all round pupil who fits in tomorrow's world.

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